Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MTV's Jersey Shore: Did MTV setup Vinny to be kicked off?

If you have been reading this blog or other blogs in this part of the internet, then you already know about MTV's Jersey Shore reality series.  Since the last time I wrote a post about it, they showed the episode where a guy punches out "Snooki".  Of course, the decided to black out the actual punch for some reason that just proves MTV has their heads up their asses.  If you want to see the punch that MTV wouldn't show you, its in the middle of the video below:

The police were on the scene immediately and arrested the guy.  Of course, MTV had to put up a PSA about domestic violence at the end of the episode even though NO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACTUALLY OCCURED since Snooki didn't know the guy.  Plus, Snooki did something really stupid by getting in the drunk guys face and bitching about how he was taking their drinks.

In the next episode we find out, that The Situation was buying the puncher and his friends drinks in some attempt to diffuse any situation that might arise.  It didn't work obviously.  Of course, that means that Snooki shouldn't have gotten in that guy's face since The Situation had covered their drinks.  After the punch, the guy was arrested, but Ronnie, Pauly, and Vinny wanted to find the puncher's friends and beat them up.  They also bitched about The Situation for not going along with this during the episode and during the bonus clips.  The Situation was the only one with enough sense to think that attacking random guys was a bad idea.

On top of all this we see J-Woww (the extra w is for extra whoring around) attack some girl for calling either her or Snooki fat.  MTV didn't edit that out at all.  I guess MTV thinks violence is all right only when women do it.  MTV does seem to be consistent on this point because in their Teen Mom series one of the teen moms actually attacks her boyfriend/fiance & father of her child in what would actually be called domestic violence.  Nothing was edited out and MTV didn't run a PSA about domestic violence after that show.

Nothing MTV does surprises me.  Over at MarkyMark's blog he was talking about another part of this episode, and I realized something interesting.  One of the guys, Vinny, we have hardly seen until this episode.  We saw him in the introduction, but between then and now we only saw him when he got pink eye.  Vinny even though he's the youngest is also the most mature of all the housemates and possibly the smartest.  Chances are we haven't seen much of him because he realizes that he's being filmed so he doesn't do anything stupid that will be broadcast across the world and recorded for eternity.

In this episode, we see Vinny hook up with a cougar.  Later Vinny finds out that the cougar was the girlfriend of their landlord/boss for the summer.  We haven't seen the aftermath of this yet (and won't until the next episode), but it looks like Vinny is going to have to leave.

I have a theory about what happened that I initially posted a MarkyMark's blog.  I think that MTV may have setup Vinny to get kicked off the show.  When Vinny is talking about how the cougar is Danny's (the landord/boss) girlfriend, he's right there so how did he not know what his girlfriend was doing?  If you watch the episode, the whole thing seems very bizarre, and MTV has a motive for wanting to get rid of Vinny since Vinny doesn't generate any drama for them.  MarkyMark pointed out how someone who claimed to live in Seaside Heights, NJ (where the show is filmed) said that Danny (the landlord/boss) doesn't actually work for or own the T-shirt shop the housemates are working at but is actually an employee of Viacom (MTV's parent corporation).  That makes everything that happened very suspicious.  Why is the girlfriend of a Viacom employee going cougar to go after one of the housemates on this show?  We'll see what happens to Vinny on the next episode, but I think Vinny was setup by MTV to be kicked off the show.


MarkyMark said...

What's also suspicious is that Danny was in the club WITH them that night! Bosses and the help don't normally socialize other than @ company parties. Why was he there with them @ Karma?

Dan, their boss (or should that be 'boss' if he works for Viacom?), could have been responsible for securing the house. If so, then he could say it's 'his' house; it's not TECHNICALLY his, but it's his in the sense that he's responsible for it.

In any case, next week's episode shall prove to be VERY interesting! You know, MTV must be laughing all the way to the bank! Look at all the free publicity that they've gotten from this show; everyone is talking about it. We talk about it on our blogs; four (mine, yours, EW, and FB) have talked about it directly in posts. How many others have talked about it in their comments? The show's been all over TV news, talk shows; it's been everywhere.

DJ PaulyD, in an interview, was asked what he thought about Domino's and others pulling their ads from the show. He said that he thought they were stupid, because the show's ratings are going through the roof; he said that, if he were a businessman, he'd want his ads showing where everyone would see them; he said that these sponsors were missing out by pulling their ads. I'm inclined to agree.

I'm out of here. Luckily, Jersey Shore has only eight episodes; this addiction will be short lived-ha! Have a good night now...


MarkyMark said...

Looks like MTV faked us out, big time! Vinny not only stayed; it turns out that, in the bonus clip interviews, Vinny was quite the player! The big difference is that he was, as Kenny Santucci put it, a 'covert operator'; he flew under the radar; he was more discreet than The Situation was when it came to hooking up...

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech said...

Vinny was the big surprise. Plus, MTV did a real fake out on Danny and the cougar. The cougar wasn't Danny's GF, but just a friend he was interested in. The cougar wasn't interested in Danny so it wasn't what we thought it was.

Sparks123 said...

Way to jump to conclusions there. MTV always has a way to cleverly edit things so that look worse than they are. Vinny's a boring character, but you don't have to kick him off the show, just limit his role.

MarkyMark said...


MTV is laughing all the way to the bank! They just gotta love how everyone is talking about their show like this...


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