Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reality TV you will never see

I was reading a thread over at the MGTOW forums where someone brought up a reality TV show called, More To Love.  Happyghost had some interesting things to say about it, plus an idea for another reality TV show that would be the opposite of more to love.  Here is what he said (proving how only women can watch reality TV):
I looked up "More to Love" on Wikipedia. Quote:
"[Luke, a single man] trying to find love among twenty plus size women. The first episode featured Luke giving a promise ring to each of the 20 ladies, with the promise he would not judge them by their size."
I'll bet the show's biggest sponsor is a kitty litter company. They're thinking long-term, you know? Smart! 
And it gets better:
I also want to see the reverse show, called "Less to Love":
"[Luketta, a single woman] trying to find love among twenty uneducated, jobless, broke men with small penises. The first episode featured Luketta giving a promise ring to each of the 20 men, with the promise she would not judge them by their total lack of money and future earning potential or their small penises."
Done laughing yet? I didn't think so. Go ahead, I'll wait.
Done laughing now? No? Okay, carry on... I realize it may take several hours to stop....
"Less to love" will never be made of course since women won't watch it (and no guy will want to be one of the "small penis" guys).  Another version you won't see will be where an uneducated, jobless, and broke man with a small penis gets to choose among 20 models.

None of this would be watchable, but conceptually, it's funny.


Hestia said...

Yuck, looks like I'm not missing much by not owning a TV. ;o)

If I'm recalling correctly, there was a reality show when reality television show began to pollute the TV called "Joe Millionaire" that featured a man posing as a millionaire in a "Bachelor" style show. It was then revealed at the end he was no millionaire but a construction worker or something along those lines. I never watched the show but it would have been funny to see the contestants reactions when that fact was shared. Obviously none of them would have signed up had they known the truth from the beginning.

njartist said...

I hope you aren't holding your breath for a "Not all women are like that" (NAWALT) comment.

Marquis said...

sadly, those shows won't get made. they love to press that envelope with shows like "the cougar" and such other nonsense, or perhaps after "Less to Love" they could debut a show the premise of white guy looking for black women show. before everyone gets irate, i'm referring to the fact that TV tries to take statistical minorities and make them seem like much larger portions of the populace. a real doll episode with a guy choosing from 20 real dolls would be hilarious as well.

Anonymous said...

You'd be better off marrying a real doll than a typical "bridezilla."

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